Mohammad Reza Taesiri

I am currently a second-year Ph.D. student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, focusing on the intersection of computer vision, explainable machine learning, and video games.

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I am broadly interested in computer vision and machine learning, with a focus on explainable machine learning. I am also interested in applying Foundation models to real-world problems, such as video game testing and quality control.

Recent Highlights

Zoom  is what you need: An empirical study of the power of zoom and spatial biases in image classification ImageNet-Hard: The Hardest Images Remaining from a Study of the Power of Zoom and Spatial Biases in Image Classification aka. "Zoom is what you need: An empirical study of the power of zoom and spatial biases in image classification"
Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Giang Nguyen, Sarra Habchi, Cor-Paul Bezemer, Anh Nguyen
ArXiv Preprint, 2023

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Visual correspondence-based explanations Visual correspondence-based explanations improve AI robustness and human-AI team accuracy
Giang Nguyen*, Mohammad Reza Taesiri *, Anh Nguyen (* denotes equal contribution)
Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2022

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CLIP Meets GamePhysics CLIP meets GamePhysics: Towards bug identification in gameplay videos using zero-shot transfer learning
Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Finlay Macklon, Cor-Paul Bezemer
The Mining Software Repositories (MSR) conference, 2022

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Large Language Models are Pretty Good Zero-Shot Video Game Bug Detectors
Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Finlay Macklon, Yihe Wang, Hengshuo Shen, Cor-Paul Bezemer
ArXiv Preprint, 2022

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